Case Study: The Vegery

Vegery Vitality Wraps


The Vegery is a certified organic company based in Auckland with a passion for creating healthy, vegan-friendly alternatives to the tortilla wrap.
Its ‘Vitality Wraps’ are dehydrated flatbreads with exciting flavour combinations, including banana and acai, carrot and turmeric and carrot and cumin. They are made with natural ingredients such as avocado oil, seeds, fruits and vegetables.

The challenge – increase production to meet demand

The wraps produced by Kathryn Jansen and her team at The Vegery have gained a reputation as a healthy and delicious option. Dehydrating them at a low temperature helps ensure the ingredients retain their nutritional value when the wraps are packaged for sale.

The Vegery was in search of an effective dehydrator to scale up production. Their existing dehydrator was too small to produce the volumes they needed. They looked at a range of dehydrators available in New Zealand but found many suppliers did not provide advice on setup or help with installation. Other suppliers required purchase of industrial dehydrators without a trial and did not offer a rental option.

Purchasing a dehydrator without testing it first would have been a risky option for The Vegery, as the company was still in its start-up phase. If new equipment was not well-suited there could have been disastrous impacts on the newly-founded business.

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The solution – a top quality NZ-made dehydrator

Rexmoi Dryer & Dehydrator

The Vegery met with New Zealand dehydration specialists Drying Solutions, who were able to provide extensive knowledge on the drying process and operational support in setting up the top-quality Rexmoi® Air Tray Dryers.

Drying Solutions helped the The Vegery install the new dehydrator and test the suitability for Vitality Wrap production, ensuring a top-quality product. The Rexmoi® Air Tray Dryer provided more drying space per square foot than other models. Since the introduction of the Rexmoi®, The Vegery was able to increase its production by over 500 per cent within a year, as well as improve energy efficiency.

The production line for Vitality Wraps now operates using large trolleys with removable trays. These trolleys are loaded with wraps prior to dehydration, then rolled into the internal chamber of the Rexmoi®Air Tray Dryer to produce Vitality Wraps. Thanks to advanced temperature and humidity control software with recipe-specific settings, the dehydration and cooling process does not need human monitoring, saving valuable time and money.

Rexmoi® Air Tray Dryers are easily customised with settings to suit individual products and recipes. They are also portable, allowing the dryer to be delivered directly to a commercial kitchen on a trailer. Drying Solutions has also provided The Vegery with the option of renting more dehydrators as needed, which will make it easy for Vitality Wraps to be produced on a larger scale if future demand requires.

The results – supplying stores across the country

The consistent results and control over production volumes provided by Drying Solutions Rexmoi® Air Tray Dryer helped The Vegery scale up its production in response to growing demand. It was shortlisted at the 2016 NZ Food Awards, thanks in part to the contribution of the dehydrator in retaining the nutritional value of novel ingredients like fruit and seeds.

The Vegery now supplies Vitality Wraps to Farro Fresh, Bin Inn and other specialist retailers across New Zealand. It also sells its wraps online and even provides contract dehydration services to other businesses looking to use dehydrated ingredients.

The new dehydrator has allowed my business to grow and to do much bigger production runs than I was doing before. One thing I really can’t overstate is how much knowledge Robert and Drying Solutions has got. If you’re buying a machine that has as many settings as a commercial dehydrator, it’s a big advantage to work with someone who can help with the setup and is always there to provide advice when it’s needed.

Kathryn Jansen, Director and Creator, The Vegery

Carrot And Cumin Vitality Wrap