Rexmoi® – The transportable commercial dehydrator provides the ultimate drying solution for food industries, including nuts, meat, fish, pet food and vegetables.

Create Value Added Products & Business Opportunities!

Dehydration has been used for hundreds of years to preserve and extend the shelf life of various foods including vegetables, various nuts like walnuts and macadamias, tomatoes, grapes and other fruits, nuts, herbs, and meats like beef jerky and fish. Now with Drying Solutions’ transportable Rexmoi® drying system, you can harness this power to create new, value added products and open up exciting opportunities to expand your business!

 The transportable Rexmoi® Air Tray Dryer allows for consistent and controlled temperature drying, as well as facilitating increased productivity thanks to its automatic adjustments of both temperature and humidity. This level of fine control allows your company to refine the drying process, offering countless environmental and financial benefits over costly refrigeration and freezing methods.

The Rexmoi® industrial food dryer and dehydrator is YOUR solution to producing value added products, unlocking opportunities to cut costs while increasing revenue and sales whether you’re looking to grow your product range or give a new business the kickstart it needs.

Rapidly Test & Prototype With Confidentiality Guaranteed

Product research and development is a time consuming and often costly process. Not so with the Rexmoi®. Easy to use and quick to set up, your company will be able to test the feasibility of your products completely free from risk.

What’s more, we provide our customers with access to our vast network of experienced food technologists and R&D institutions in order to accelerate the research and development phase, so you waste less time and money and get value added products to market that much faster.

We know that secrecy is paramount during this process, which is why we guarantee such confidentiality to protect your company’s intellectual property.

A Scalable, Customisable Industrial Drying Solution

We understand that every client is different, which is why we offer customised industrial drying solutions that meet your exact needs. Scalability? It’s no longer a concern.

The Rexmoi® can produce both small and large volumes to meet your requirements, while machine modifications and customisations can be made in order to increase output and fulfil specialists needs if and when required.

Hire Or Rent? Affordable, Cost Effective Options Available

At Drying Solutions we give you the option to either rent or buy a Rexmoi® Air Tray Dryer, providing your company with a low-risk, cost effective opportunity to test and produce value added products.

Speaking of savings, the Rexmoi® is also highly energy efficient, simultaneously reducing operating costs while increasing production with running costs around $1 per hour, depending on the unit model.

New Zealand Made

The iconic Kiwi trademark is a trusted brand that is globally recognised as a label depicting NZ Made products. Drying Solutions Limited is a New Zealand company and our Rexmoi® Air Tray Dryer is registered as an official New Zealand Made product.


Purchasers Be Wary

Purchasers should be wary of cheaper (Chinese made) imitations which are described as ‘closed loop’ systems but which may not be and which may offer inferior performance.


– Kiwifruit Industry
– Low Temperature Cooking

– Meat & Fish Industry
– Berries

– Nut Industry
– Curing Products