An electrician who moved into the Refrigeration and Air-conditioning area, Robert initially designed a unit for drying macadamia nuts and from there has designed and developed the units and trays to improve on the initial design. Using his skills in electrical, refrigeration and programming he has designed and developed the whole system gaining extensive knowledge of the drying processes.


Is Robert’s support person and wife, looking after the paper work and accounts.

“We believe this new way of processing and preparing of products has a great future with the way to use the technology not yet fully discovered. This technology enhances the product value and goodness.”

If you would like to learn more about us – especially Robert, he did a podcast for Kiwis in Business and an article was sent to various publications. (Our 8-year-old grandson thought it was great that Grandad had his own podcast that anyone in the world could listen to.)


You can listen to the podcast (18 August 2020) on AppleSpotify and Google Podcasts or the copy attached.


The article has been published



2020-09 NZ Food Technolgy News
2020-09 NZ Food Manufacturer

Recently the Rexmoi® Dryer was on Country Calendar, a New Zealand farming program on New Zealand Television. Here is a link to view it on youtube –
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzjgIr8pnMs  or you can search “Hyundai Country Calendar 2020″ and it is Episode 11. It shows Manuka branches being loaded into our bin system and then into the Rexmoi® Dryer. It then goes on to show processing on Kawakawa leaf after it had been dried in the Rexmoi® Dryer.

Here is a link to an article regarding waste Mussels being used for chicken feed. In the YouTube video you can see the Rexmoi® Dryer – it shows trays being emptied, the dryer being loaded and turned on – https://www.callaghaninnovation.govt.nz/customer-stories/eggs-mussel-power

Although we are not able to help with funding for trials or costs related to hiring or buying the Rexmoi® Air Tray Dryers you (New Zealand contacts) may be able to get help from Callaghan Innovation –  www.callaghaninnovation.govt.nz