Questions & Answers


1: What does it do?

In Drying mode, our dehydrator and drying machine removes moisture from products or atmosphere
It can cool products or atmosphere
It can store products at various temperatures
It can be used for low temperature cooking
It can operate as a cooling tunnel

2: Why use refrigeration technology?

Low running costs
Energy efficient
No electric elements or naked flames (safety)
Sealed chamber, which can be opened at any time during the process to check product
Very precise control with electronics & monitoring

3: Can I test it before hiring?

If we have a unit in the workshop, testing can be done (not food grade premises)

4: Can I try it before buying?

We recommend hiring a unit for trialling and developing the recipe for your product. This then allows for a unit to be built to your specific needs.

5: What can I use it for?

Removing moisture from products or atmosphere
Controlling moisture in products or atmosphere
Low temperature cooking
As a Cooling Tunnel (e.g. hot products from an oven to a lower temperature)

6: Can I use it at my premises?

Units are available for hiring
Delivery by our truck or by commercial transport to your premises, plugged in and used from the day it arrives

7: What do I need to use it?

Single phase or three phase power – depending on the unit
Prefer inside or under cover, but can operate outside

8: How do I put product in?

The hire units have trolleys and trays which are included in the hire and can be operated by one person

9: How big is the unit?

Hire units are approximately 4.5m long by 1.2m wide by 2.4m high

10: How many trolleys and trays?

Three trolleys, each with either 12 draw trays or 50 wire or flat trays or 3 bins
Draw trays are 600mm x 980mm x90mm deep
Wire trays are 600mm x 980mm
Wire trays are 600mm x 980mm x 15mm deep
Bins are 600mm x 9980mm x 300mm deep